About SCS

Fast Facts about Salem City Schools


Vision Statement

The City of Salem School Board’s Vision Statement shall be 

Children First, Every Child Every Day!

Mission Statement

The mission of Salem City Schools is to provide a safe and nurturing environment  where ALL STUDENTS acquire the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become successful and responsible citizens in the 21st century global community.

Core Values

  • We are committed to excellence in all we do.
  • We believe that all children are important and can be successful.
  • We believe student success is a shared responsibility among schools, parents, and community partners.
  • We recognize and value individual differences among staff and students.
  • We believe students learn best in a  safe and disciplined environment provided by caring and respectful adults.
  • We are committed to providing employees with an excellent work environment and a competitive compensation package.

Educational Philosophy

Therefore, it shall be the philosophy of the Salem City School Board to provide  a variety of educational, extracurricular, and social opportunities so that every student will achieve maximum intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth and be equipped with the skills necessary to communicate effectively, to be successful  in the workplace and in higher education, and  to make creative and constructive decisions.


It shall be the policy of the School Board to:

  • provide the necessary trained and dedicated leadership, qualified personnel, equipment and materials to assure an appropriate education for every student;
  • treat all personnel equitably with the highest degree of respect;
  • appropriate funds fairly and efficiently; and
  • attend to the property and equipment of all schools to work toward achieving parity among schools in the division.


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