Chromebook Support for Remote Instruction

CHROMEBOOK SUPPORT For Remote Instruction

SELF Help:  Many Chromebook problems can be solved by  the user.  Please look at our Chromebook 101 Troubleshooting

CALL / EMAIL:  Parents & Students can also receive Chromebook support in 2 remote ways

    1. HELPDESK EMAIL:                           
    2. Chromebook Support Phone Line:       540-444-0838

DROP OFF:  We ARE receiving broken Chromebooks at the following locations.

    • Elementary Chromebooks at:     GWC Elementary
    • ALMS Chromebooks at:                ALMS
    • Salem High Chromebooks at :    Salem High

BUS: We are NOT receive Broken Chromebooks on the buses at this time.

Support Questions could include:

    • I’m having a hardware problem with my Chromebook
    • How do I connect my Chromebook to the Internet
    • I don’t have Internet at my house – what can I do
    • How do I use a Chromebook App
    • Sound or Mouse or ??? doesn’t work on my Chromebook
    • Where do I bring my Chromebook for repair