In elementary school students are assessed on standards to see progress toward grade-level goals.  Students work on a variety of assignments to show mastery of the standards.  These standards are assessed to see if a student Met the Standard, is Emerging toward mastery of the standard, or Needs Improvement on the standard. Communication of progress can be found anytime in the parent portal.  The parent portal is accessible through the Salem Parent Portal Site.  You may log in here and access your student’s information.  Each quarter progress reports are issued to the students to show progress toward grade-level goals.

Progress reports show the current level of each category within the subject for every nine weeks.

For example, a student will have the following categories: Number Sense, Computation, Problem Solving, Geometry, Measurement, Graphs & Charts, Patterns & Algebra, and Probability.  Progress toward mastery will be shown for each category with the letters M, E, or N.



You will most likely see assignments come home with the letters M, E, or N to show how the student did on that specific assignment. You may even see the assignment broken into multiple standards and progress toward meeting each standard written on the paper.

The Elementary Progress Report website shares a lot of information on the revised progress reports. Please visit it to find out more about topics of interest.