Dear Secondary School Educator,

  • Are you a Social Studies educator who could incorporate the history and importance of cryptography into your lessons?

  • Are you a principal who needs to understand and direct your computer security curriculum?

  • Are you a librarian who can influence students to practice safe computer behavior?

  • Do you have holes in your knowledge of computer security?

  • Do you understand some of the problems in cyber security but not the causes of those problems and how to prevent them?

We are pleased to announce that Virginia Tech will hold its third GenCyber Camp for Secondary School Teachers on 25-29 June, 2017.

We seek secondary school educators who want to:

  • Increase their knowledge of computer security,

  • Acquire cybersecurity tools and the skills to use them,

  • Teach their students about cybersecurity principles,

  • Encourage and inform their students about careers in the growing specialties of Computer Security and related fields, and

  • Collaborate with others to create and refine lesson plans.

Camp will be taught by Dr. David Raymond, the Deputy Director of the IT Security Office at Virginia Tech.  Before returning to Virginia Tech, Dr. Raymond was the director of education research in the Army Cyber Institute, a new research and outreach center at West Point, and an associate professor at West Point.

The camp consists of one week of on-campus instruction and five webinars.  The webinars feature speakers such as:

  • Karen Evans of US Cyber Challenge,

  • the Recruitment Office at the National Security Agency, and

  • Dr. Joseph G. Tront, camp director, professor and an innovative educator.

The camp includes hands-on lab exercises, small-group homework, useful software tools and equipment.

Each participant in the camp will receive travel reimbursement, a $400 honorarium for participation and 3.5 CEUs.  Housing and (good) meals will be provided without charge.

Your action items:

  • Fill out the application at before Saturday, April 22, 2017.

  • Please forward this email to your colleagues who may be interested!