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Jennifer Dean

Jennifer Dean

Director of Instruction & Innovation

Michelle Lemon

Michelle Lemon

Administrative Assistant

Assessment is a very important component of the School Division’s total responsibility. Students are assessed periodically using a variety of tests in order to measure their academic growth and their level of achievement. Each year students in all three levels, (elementary, middle school and high school) are assessed using the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) test. In addition, students enrolled in credit-bearing courses are tested throughout the school year (summer, fall, and spring) primarily at the high school level. Further, another component of SOL assessments is the Virginia Alternate and Alternative Assessments. These include:
  • The Virginia Grade-Level Alternative (VGLA)
  • The Virginia Alternate Assessment Program (VAAP)
  • The Virginia Substitute Evaluation Program (VSEP)

Assessment provides an umbrella for following major functions:

  1. Securing Computers for Testing
  2. State Single Sign on Web System (SSWS) System (Backup)
  3. Pearson Access Testing System
  4. The Virginia Assessment Program–SOL Testing
    • Summer, Fall, and Spring
    • VAAPs and  VSEPs
  5. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)Testing
  6. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing
  7. SATs and PSATs
  8. The Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) Testing –(Elementary Instruction)
  9. Other additional Testing responsibilities
    • SOL Test Analysis
    • Compilation of the Education Value-Added Assessment System and MAP Data Collections

Each School has its own test coordinator(s). These individuals are responsible for school-wide testing. This can be a very demanding responsibility. In Salem, we have very skilled and capable individual serving in these positions. Also, Mr. Tom Willett is our Alternative Assessment Specialist. He is responsible for overseeing the effective implementation of our “V” test and special situation testing programs.

    • Dr. Kristi Snow, Salem High School
    • Melinda Farley, Andrew Lewis Middle School
    • Wes Thomas, East Salem Elementary
    • Sheri Smith, GW Carver Elementary School
    • Christina Rose, South Salem Elementary
    • Amanda Gibson, West Salem Elementary
    • Tom Willett, Central Office, serving the entire school division and students residing in off-campus Special Situation Schools.


2018-2019 Salem City School Testing Calendar

Alternate AssessmentsSalem City Schools Alternate Assessments

3rd grade science, 3rd grade social studies, 5th grade US history I, 5th grade Writing, 6th grade US History II

3rd grade science and social studies, US History I, and US History II

Salem City Schools Locally Developed Assessments

Region VI Locally Developed Assessments

Elementary Progress Reports