UPDATED: Dec. 6, 2017

The gifted department is pleased to offer our second field trip for the fall. On December 11th, from 9 – 1pm, we will be teaming up with the Psychology department at Roanoke College. We will board the bus at ALMS and head over to the college. The psychology department has reserved the atrium and mezzanine levels of the new Cregger Center for the event. The plan, though still somewhat in flux, is to offer a quick welcome, and then students will be separated into groups. In those groups, they’ll rotate through four demonstrations. The demonstrations will highlight an aspect of Biological Psychology/Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, and/or Social Psychology within each demonstration. Possible topics may include:

  • social media engagement and its effects;
  • youth’s expectations about the future;
  • visual perception and how we can fool our eyes;
  • fixed/growth mindset (and other implicit theories);
  • perhaps even something on parasocial relationships (i.e., one way relationships, often with, for example, a character or celebrity).

Each demonstration will be followed by a brief discussion about the college’s research in that area. After engaging with the faculty, students will be led by current Roanoke College students on tours of the campus. Then, students will join back and grab lunch from Commons; we’ll eat with a few Psychology majors in a reserved room.

The college has agreed to pay the bill for the lunch (yay!) so students won’t need money for lunch. We MAY, if time allows, let them roam around the campus store for a few minutes after lunch and potentially pick up something.

The turn-around on this is a little tighter than other field trips. Because we are being treated to lunch, the college needs a final head count by Monday, Dec. 4th.

Please return the permission form which has been mailed home as soon as possible. We cannot accept any other students after that Dec. 4th date.

Thank you! We are very excited!

~ Chris Taibbi and Beverly Nicely

Gifted Program Coordinators

Salem City Schools