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Jill’s Buddy Camp

Buddy Camp Started in 1984 and was designed to pair a teenager in the Buddy Club with a young child with a developmental delay. The camp is divided into two main parts with campers being introduced to activities and exercises designed to improve social interaction, language, and motor skills.

The camp was renamed Jill’s Buddy Camp in memory of Jill Bailey Chenet, a former Big Buddy who volunteered while she was a student at Salem High School. She went on to a career of working with students with a hearing impairment at the River School in Washington, D.C.. In July of 2012, 31 year-old Jill and her husband, Matt, were caught in a rip tide current off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Jill passed away during the incident.

On October 8, 2013 Salem City Schools recognized Matt Cheney, Jill’s husband, for his involvement with Jill’s Buddy Camp and to honor his wife’s memory and her work with Students with Disabilities. Additionally, Dr. Tommy Barber was recognized for his efforts through the years with Buddy Camp.