Welcome to Salem City Schools

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Salem, Virginia – where our children come first!

You may have heard that phrase from a lot of school teachers and administrators over the years, but valuing young people is truly “The Salem Way.”

From City Hall to our Central Office you’ll find employees who share not only a rich history of cooperation, but also a strong vision for the future when it comes to taking care of Salem’s school children.

As you visit our web site, don’t be surprised if you repeatedly encounter evidence of our city-wide commitment to excellence in the form of test scores that are consistently above the state and national averages, outstanding programs for exceptional learners, award-winning publications, cutting edge programs in the arts, championship athletic teams, and many other snapshots of happy and engaged students.

These measures of success aren’t achieved by accident.

Rather, they are the result of that unique cooperative spirit that exists between the Salem School Board, Salem City Council, school staffs, the business community, parents, and students.

If you need additional information or have questions about the many outstanding programs and opportunities for students found here, please feel free to get in touch with us through email, phone, mail, or fax by using the contact information provided at the top of this page.

I also invite you to check out any of our six schools where you’ll find some of the most dedicated teachers and administrators in the Commonwealth. These extremely qualified professionals have very high expectations for their students, but only because they want to help them reach their full potential as students, young people, and citizens.

Welcome to “The Salem Way.”

H. Alan Seibert
Division Superintendent

email: aseibert@salem.k12.va.us

Dr. H. Alan Seibert

Dr. H. Alan Seibert