All NEW Students Register for enrollment in Salem City Schools using our new Pre-Registration Portal.  

All parents should register their NEW student(s) using our new Pre-Registration Portal using the steps below.  This does NOT apply to students who are CURRENTLY enrolled in the current school year.
If you are not able to complete this process online you can schedule a visit to the school building where they will assist you to complete the registration process using this same Pre-Registration Portal.
1.  Parents Pre-Register students in all grade levels in the Pre-Registration Portal. This portal is easy to complete and asks only 10 questions.
2.  School reviews the Pre-Registration.  After this review, an email is sent to the Parent inviting them to complete the full Registration form.  This review may take several days.  Priority is given to Pre-Registrations for the current instructional year.
3.  Parent completes the Full Registration for the student.
4.  School reviews the Full Registration.  Priority is given to current year registrations.  Upon review an email message will be sent to accepted students. If a students registration is rejected an email will also be sent.

Tutorials & Frequently Asked Questions

Tutorials are currently being developed.  They will appear here when completed.
Question:  Can I register a Pre-School student through this link?
Answer:  YES, Preschoolers should register for school only after having been formally admitted to the VPI program.  The initial step in this process is to submit an application through the United Way’s Smart2Start website.  If you have questions, please contact Salem’s preschool coordinator at 540-389-0130.
Question: Can I Register a Non-Resident Student through this link?
Answer:    YES, The Registration process noted above will be used for NEW Non-Resident applications.  At the end of step 4 above the application will receive additional review using the Non-Resident process. Full approval for Non-Resident students may not occur until the summer.  NOTE:  Returning Non-Resident Students will re-apply in the ParentPortal by clicking on the FORMS link.
Question: Is the Pre-Registration portal mobile phone friendly?
Answer:    Yes, it is optimized for mobile phones.  Uploading required documents can be accomplished using your mobile phone camera.
Question:  What if I can’t complete the Full Registration in one sitting.
Answer:    The Registration process can be completed by the Parent over time as they collect the necessary answers and documents.
Question: What is the actual web address (URL) of the Pre-Registration Portal