All Employees,
I hope that everyone had a restful and/or productive Spring Break and that we are all recharged and ready to help all students finish strong this school year!
As we enter the “home stretch” for SY 16-17, the Budget Process for SY 17-18 (which began in November) has largely concluded.  At the City Council Meeting last night (4/24/17), Mr. Preston presented the SCS Budget for SY 17-18.  A copy of his remarks (and the supporting documents referenced in his attachments) are attached for your information.  During the question/answer/comment period, City Council Members were very complimentary of the high level of service to students provided by all who serve in the school division.  (They also affirmed that the necessary renovation of Salem High School is a priority that they are committed to finding a way to begin addressing.)
As always, if you ever have any questions or suggestions regarding the Budget Process, please do not hesitate to contact Mandy Hall or me.
Also, please never miss an opportunity to thank our School Board and our City Council for their support!
Best regards to all,