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Salem City Schools has two primary responsibilities-educate students and keep them safe. The social-emotional health of students, families, and educators is important. Therefore, Salem City Schools has compiled a list of resources for times of crisis and tragedy. Some of the listed resources may be more helpful or relevant than others. With this understanding, dealing with a crisis can be difficulty for
adults and children alike. Should your child or family need specific assistance, please speak with your school’s counselor, family physician, or a mental health professional.

Helping Kids During Crisis
● Be calm
● Try and keep routines as normal as possible. Kids gain security from the predictability of routine,
including attending school
● Limit exposure to television and the news
● Be honest with kids and share with them information that is developmentally appropriate
● Listen to kids’ fears and concerns
● Reassure kids that they are safe, but there are people who do bad things
● Parents and adults need to first deal with and assess their own responses to crisis and stress
● Rebuild and reaffirm attachments and relationships

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