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MAKE-UP DAYS 2020-2021

There are a total of 11 possible make-up days in the 2020-21 calendar, four excess time days and seven makeup days. The days are listed in the planned order of their use. Students, parents, and employees should note that circumstances sometimes
require a departure for the order listed. The order in which these days are used may change.
1. Excess Time Built-in Make-up Day
2. Excess Time Built-in Make-up Day
3. Excess Time Built-in Make-up Day
4. Excess Time Built-in Make-up Day
5. February 8 - Rescheduled as a student day (Schedule conferences as needed)
6. May 28 - Rescheduled as a student day
7. March 29 - Rescheduled as a student day
8. March 30 - Rescheduled as a student day
9. March 31 - Rescheduled as a student day
10. April 1 - Rescheduled as a student day
11. April 2 Rescheduled as a student day

Depending on the timing and frequency of any missed days, specifically if an inordinate number of student days are missed early
in the winter season, the Board may consider rescheduling the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and/or Memorial Day Holidays as
additional student days to be determined no later than the January 8, 2019 and May 7, 2019 Board Meetings, respectively.

August 31 – November 3 44
November 4 – January 22 44
November 9 (Parent Teacher Conferences 11/12/20 12:00-7:00 PM)
February 1 (Parent Teacher Conferences 2/8/21, 12:00-7:00PM)
January 25 – March 26 44 April 8
April 5 – June 11 48 June 18 (mailed)


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