PowerSchool ParentPortal

The ParentPortal is where Parents see student progress, grades, attendance & much more.  Sign up today, then sign in regularly to see your student’s progress!

We request that all parents create and use an account in the ParentPortal.  Salem increasingly uses the ParentPortal to disseminate information to Parents and Students.  For example, starting in 2021, the Demographic Update form and the SummerSchool application form will primarily be collected through the FORMS page in the ParentPortal.

To help make this easier – you can watch this video which walks you through the 6 steps listed below.

Create Your ParentPortal Account- 6 Easy Steps

1. Go to the PowerSchool ParentPortal in your web browser.

2. Click the “Create Account” tab

3. Click the Blue Create Account button

4. Complete the top section which is information about you the parent including
-Your first and last name
-Your email address (you will enter it 3 times and it will be your username)
-A password of your choice

5. Complete the lower section which will link your account to your student(s) by asking the following information about each student.  Parents can find the Access ID and Access Password (yellow highlight in the picture) in an email message sent from the School or they can contact their school office.  Your -Student’s Name
-The Access ID     
-The Access Password     
-Your relationship to the student   

6. Scroll to the bottom and click the Blue ENTER button

Tutorials & Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Can Parents share an account?
Answer:  Parents can share account if they wish.
Question: Can Other relatives (eg. Grandparents) have an account
Answer:  Parents can share the “Access ID” and “Access Password” which allows anyone to create a ParentPortal account.  As such keep this information secure.
Question:  Do I have to use my email address for my username
Answer:   We request that you use your email address for your username but you can use something else.
Question:  What if I forget my username or password
Answer:  You can click on the “Forgot Username or Password?” link on the ParentPortal web page