Instruction Department

Image of Jennifer Dean

Jennifer Dean
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

Image of Jamie Soltis

Jamie Soltis
Assistant Superintendent

Meg Crew

Megan Crew
Division Coordinator, Preschool and English Learner Programs

Image of Lisa Capito

Lisa Capito
Grant Specialist

Image of Michelle Lemon

Michelle Lemon
Administrative Assistant

Kristen Wilkes
Dyslexia Advisor
Postgraduate Professional License; Endorsements - Music:Vocal/Choral PreK-12, Reading

Curriculum and Instruction

Home Instruction

Federal Programs

Dual Enrollment- Governor’s Scholar Program (HB1184)

In 2012, Virginia House Bill 1184 passed mandating that “each institution within the Virginia Community College System shall develop agreements for postsecondary degree attainment with the public high schools in the school divisions that they serve.” Virginia Western provides a pathway for students to complete the AS General Studies and the General Education Certificate concurrently with a high school diploma.

This rigorous pathway can be accomplished using a combination of dual enrollment classes offered at the high schools, AP/IB exam credit and classes offered on the VWCC campus. Students interested in participating in this pathway must complete the Dual Enrollment HB 1184 Declaration of Intent form (PDF). Contact the high school counseling department or the VWCC Dual Enrollment Office to learn more about this program.

Learning Resources

A variety of online courses are available through approved private or nonprofit organizations that provide online courses and virtual school programs on an as needed basis. The preferred online provider is Virtual Virginia.  For a complete list of courses available through Virtual Virginia please refer to their website.  Students/parents interested in Information regarding online courses and programs should contact their school counselor.

Charges and fees will be determined by situation, but as a general rule, students will not be charged for online courses that comprise his/her traditional course load (seven classes).  Charges and fees may apply for courses taken in addition to the student’s traditional course load and/or online summer school courses.  Tuition and fees will be consistent with those charged by the online provider.